Teddy Bears and Other Plush Toys

For 2 pictures of Digibear, a small teddy bear I finished recently, click here.
To look at Digi's pattern, click right here.
Save the pattern and load it into a graphic viewer to print it out. It will not print at the original size, so I have provided a 2" ruler for scale so that the pattern can be enlarged on a photocopier. Of course, you can make Digibear any size you want! Watch this space for instructions on how to make your own Digibear!

Here is a photo of 3 recently finished bears taken with my new digital camera. The colors are a bit off, and _way_ off where the spotted fellow is concerned...he's really leopard colored! I think that its some reaction with the light and the black dyes.

Another trio of recent bears all made from the (slightly modified) pattern linked above. I'm getting used to the digital camera now, and the colors are close to correct. These three bears are made from 'plush felt', a material I have been experimenting with.

Plush felt is not too hard to work with, and it sculpts well. The seams hold up under stress, even if you put some tension on them. One thing to avoid is brushing, as it will lenghten the pile and weaken the felt! I found that just bouncing a teasle brush over the seams and closures lifts the pile enough to hide any turned-under pile.

The purpose of this page will be to provide me with a place to share patterns and pictures of teddy-bears and other stuffed toys I'll be designing and making in the future. I'm far from an expert at this time, but I hope to hone my skills in the coming months.

Teddy-Bears like jazz!

Some Music for this page.

They really do!
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