A Trip to the Burnet Park Zoo

December 17th, Syracuse, NY.
A rare partly sunny December afternoon found me at my favorite zoo, Burnet Park in Syracuse, NY. Being mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, the crowds were very small, and the animals pretty much at ease. Several of them watched me with a small portion of the wonder with which I regarded them. I've been visiting Burnet Park Zoo for the 2 years I've been living in Syracuse, and many of the zoo animals have become like old friends.
Here are the digital photos I took while at the zoo. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized photo.

Photos taken at the Burnet Park Zoo, December 17, 1996

Ducks on a rail

An Elk with no theories
on the Brontosaurus!

A Fennec Fox
He's all ears!

A Grizzly Bear
takes a walk

A Regal Lioness

A Red Panda
The zoo has two of
these, who are sisters

A White Wolf
A shadow on the snow
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